Happy summer, everyone! We’ve revamped the club website, and we have some exciting pro-life activism opportunities going on this summer. Our activism schedule will be less regular during the summer months, but if you are interested in receiving training in pro-life apologetics and/or in participating in one of our “Choice” Chain projects, please get in touch with us at prolife.ualberta@gmail.com, and we’ll let you know when something is happening in the Edmonton area.

Another way to stay engaged this summer is to attend The Wilberforce Project’s AGM in Spruce Grove, where renowned pro-life advocate Stephanie Gray will be speaking live. Registration is closing soon, so don’t delay if you’re interested in going!

If you are looking for other ways to get involved, or you are not in Edmonton area this summer, consider signing up at the No2Trudeau Campaign’s website to find out ways you can get involved with this nation-wide campaign to expose Justin Trudeau’s extreme stance on abortion. As someone who is personally involved with the campaign this summer, I highly recommend finding a way to support the work that is happening across Canada this summer. (We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about the campaign as well.)

Keep on fighting injustice, and hopefully we’ll see you when meetings resume in the fall!

– Amberlee